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Sunday, May 22nd at 10:00 am

Rev. Eileen Brownell

“The Power of Surrender

Rev Eileen Brownell

Contemplation at 9:30 am

with Connie Asquith, R.Sc.P.




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Latest News

  • Braden_Gregg_Headshot.jpg-1461176591

    The Uncharted Heart: The New Discoveries in Science That Are Changing Our Relationships to Ourselves and the World

    In this illuminating conversation, Gregg Braden discusses the tantalizing scientific discoveries that reveal the hidden power of the human heart—and the connection to the deepest mysteries in our understanding. New evidence that our hearts contain a life-affirming “on-demand” intelligence invites us to reassess who we are. As we embrace these

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    Spirit Choir – Looking for you to sing with us!

    The SPIRIT CHOIR is looking for you. Come share is the joy of making music with the Spirit Choir. Call Linda Snodgrass 345-9214 if you are interested in joining in on the musical fun.

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    Our Values

    Chico New Thought Center for Spiritual Living – Community Values Joyful Community/Belonging sense of closeness and belonging, involved with others; a unified, dynamic group of people with common practices, who serve and rely upon one another, make decisions and create together, identify themselves as part of a larger common unity, and

  • Our Community Core Values…

    Please Help Identify Our Community Core Values: Your input is important—YOU are Chico New Thought Center for Spiritual Living! Your Stewardship Council, Practitioners, and Volunteer Leaders have done some preliminary work for this process of identifying Community Core Values, by honing a list of 75 values with definitions, down to