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Welcome to the Center for Spiritual Living Chico


June Theme:  “Inspiration Through Absolute”

Sunday, July 2nd 

Rev. Kathy Fernandes


“Celebrating Freedom of Choice”

Contemplation at 9:30 AM


John Boyle, R.Sc.P.


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Latest News

  • Ministers Reports and more

    Do you want to know the activities of our Center? All Minister Reports that are done for every board meeting, are now available for you to view at any time here. In these reports are information on what’s being planned, what staff is doing, what Seva Teams are doing, and

  • Practicing Mindfulness with Your Family

    Practicing Mindfulness with your Family This workshop will give you and your family the tools to help: – Increase overall family harmony – Improve communication between family members – Improve the health and vitality of all members of your family – Provide quick and easy ways to dispel anger and

  • The Awareness That Smiles

    The Awareness That Smiles: Living in the World of Change & Chaos  from the Love & Power of the Heart   A 14 Week Class Adventure Beginning February 22 with Scott Wyman   These are challenging times within which we live. It is easy to feel afraid as we watch

  • Heaven on Earth

    Where was Rev. Kathy doing spiritual practice the weekend before Valentine’s Day? She was mountain bike riding in Upper Bidwell Park with her partner of 31 years. Exercise, nature and relationship…a form of “Heaven on Earth.”