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Yes, a series of all ‘ones’.
Given that as a Science of Mind and Spirit teaching Center, we promote and teach the concept that we are all one in God.

Today, the calendar gives us a visual,numerical reminder of that.

There are scads of websites that you can Google that will lead you to information about what all this might mean in a cosmic, metaphysical way. I think the information is mostly subjective–which is fine– and it encourages a person to do their own thinking, pondering, contemplation and assessment.

In our Science of Mind textbook on page 332:2, Ernest Holmes refers to Jesus’ quote: “that they may be One even as we are One.” Holmes goes on to say, “All mystics have sensed that we live in One Life.”

Call forth your inner mystic today or this evening and join in a conscious union of the Divine and reveal your Oneness.




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