Summer Greetings!

Welcome to our Chico New Thought Center for Spiritual Living community web presence.

The idea behind this blog (blog= web log) is to have a method by which our church/center community can keep informed and stay in touch with one another beyond our Sunday services and Town Hall meetings.

For those of you who might be new to the world of blogging,this is wonderful way for everyone in our community to stay up-to-date with what is going on at the Chico New Thought Center (CNTCSL) and an effective way to share ideas and suggestions with one another.

The way that this modality works best is for readers to check in as often as they can and to participate in the dialogue exchange that gets going. To do that, I would like to set some ground rules for us so that our experience together here on the worldwide web is effective and enjoyable:

Please set up a user account so that when you do sign on and want to jump into the discussion, we will know who you are. In order for us to build a community we need to do that together and identify each other. There may be times that you want to participate but feel the need for some anonymity, so if necessary you can comment that way, too. However, I really encourage you to become a citizen within our cyber-community and let us know who you are–even if you choose a creative user name–you will become a recognizable contributor. That way everyone will be able to ready your comments that follow a certain original “post”or discussion.

It is also possible to archive certain discussion threads and check back to see what you might have missed. And you can become a “Follower” and have your photo added to our visual community.

Your individual comments will be moderated and then published right on this site and you can scroll through each blog entry to see who else contributed on a specific subject. It goes without saying that even though this blog is intended just for our CNTSCL, this is also a public forum for our community and therefore, we do request that we participate here with common courtesy and respect for one another.

Thank you for visiting our new blog and keep us ‘posted’!

Rev. Duchess Dale
Chico New Center for Spiritual Living




  1. Inspired Service says

    Good work. I look forward to great discussions.


  2. Kathy Fernandes says

    I’ve been here! I’m ready! Let’s discuss.

  3. Sunshine says

    Love it..open for discussion

  4. Joni says

    Great way to keep up. Thanks

  5. Joe says


  6. Rev. Duchess says

    It’s working everyone, thanks.
    Now let’s jump into a topic.

  7. RPMazzucchi says

    Let’s talk about manifesting a cooler environment – both literally and figuratively. With temps over 100 degrees those of us from cooler climes are running for the hills, streams, or cooped up next to our air-conditioners! After a vacation in the Pacific Northwest, I returned to some dried out recently planted trees and a partially parched garden spot because of the high temps and a stuck switch on my well pump! Rather than get angry, these types of experiences cause me now to ponder what lesson can be learned or situation can be rectified. That said I’m going to jump into the cool creek adjacent to my property and think about being cool. To expand this thread to the figurative – I believe that our center can become a much “cooler” place to attract new and younger members. Pondering thoughts of rock and roll jams, love-ins, and ice cream socials I’m going to dunk myself since many might think I’m all wet!

  8. Rev. Duchess says

    Once you dry off, Rick, why don’t you ponder out loud (at least here) some of the ideas for drawing younger members. We are working to put together folks along with the ideas to reveal some cool and creative options.
    and welcome home.

  9. RPMazzucchi says

    Perhaps a discussion of how we can manifest a cooler reality is appropriate given sustained temperatures exceeding 100 degrees. Once we address the literal, I propose extending this line to the figurative, how can the CNTC be a “cooler” place to attract younger/middle aged families and couples.

    With repect to the temperature, I retuned from a pleasant vacation in the Pacific Northwest, to several dried out recently planted trees and a partially parched garden due to extreme temps and a stuck well pump switch. Rather than get angry, I’ve learned to see what can be learned from these experiences and seek awareness of how such situations might be beneficial. This certainly makes me grateful that I have neighbors and merchants with ample food supplies, and makes the concept of a produce exchange table at church seem wonderful to me! In addition I know that the creek adjacent to my property is full of natually cool water that I can dunk my sweaty and temporarily frustrated body into.

    Now with respect to the figurative angle, I’ll ponder how the CNTC can become a “cooler” place with thoughts of family oriented programming, cultural and artistic pursuits, and rock and roll jams and ice cream socials oriented toward the generation x’ers and why’ers! Outreach to Chico State seems fundamental here. What say you as I get all wet as many of you may already believe I am all wet!

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